Muse Clio

In Greek mythology, Clio (Κλειώ),  is the muse of history, or in a few mythological accounts, the muse of lyre playing. Like all the muses, she is a daughter of Zeus and the Titaness Mnemosyne. Along with her sisters, she was considered to dwell at either Mount Helicon or Mount Parnassos. Other common locations for the Muses were Pieria in Thessaly, near to Mount Olympus. She had one son, Hyacinth, with one of several kings, in various myths—with Pierus, King of Macedon, or with king Oebalus of Sparta, or with king Amyclas, progenitor of the people of Amyclae, dwellers about Sparta. Some sources say she was also the mother of Hymenaios. Other accounts credit her as the mother of Linus, a poet that was buried at Argos, but Linus has a number of differing parents depending upon the account, including several accounts where he is the son of Clio’s sisters Urania or Calliope.

New Years Eve Dancing with the Muses


Athens & Piraeus Panoramic view



Day 1 (30th of December): Athens

  • Arrival at Athens airport and transfer by private car to a luxurious Hotel






Athens – Complete City Tour

Day 2 (31st of December): Athens

  • Breakfast in hotel and meeting the professional guide
  • Visit at the Monastiraki famous flea market and passing through the narrow street of the plaka ( the old city of Athens )
  • Visit at the Acropolis, we will visit the Parthenon, the Erectheion, the Propylaia, the Nike Temple  
  • Visit at the new Acropolis museum designed by the Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi. The museum occupies and area of 25 thousand square meters southeast of the Parthenon and contains artifact found in the area. From the top floor of the building the so called Parthenon gallery you have a 360 degree view that includes the acropolis and the city of Athens , among the most important sculptures you can admire a group of The Caryatids
  • After the visit we will make a stop for our own lunch.

    New Years Eve Fireworks over the Parthenon
  • We will depart by foot towards Syndagma square with the old royal palace today the house of the Greek parliament , the tomb of the unknown soldier and we will watch the changing of the guards ( the change is made every hour ) .
  • We will return to the hotel  by taking the subway at syndagma metro station where you can visit the underground museum with interesting archaeological finds of everyday life of the ancient Athenians that came to light during the construction of the subway
  • Return  in hotel  for the overnight and celebrate the new coming  year
  • Buffet gala diner with drinks and sparkling wine will be served before midnight



Athens International Aiprort


Day 3 (1st January): Athens

  • Departure, transfer by private car