Muse Calliope

In Greek mythology, Calliope (Καλλιόπη) is the muse who presides over eloquence and epic poetry; so called from the ecstatic harmony of her voice. She is spoken of by Hesiod and Ovid as the “Chief of all Muses.” She is mostly stated to be the eldest of the Muses, sometimes vying with her sister Urania for the position.

One account says Calliope was the lover of the war god Ares, and bore him several sons: Mygdon, Edonus, Biston, and Odomantus (or Odomas), respectively the founders of Thracian tribes known as the Mygdones, Edones, Bistones, and Odomantes.

Calliope also had two famous sons, Orpheus and Linus, by either Apollo or the king Oeagrus of Thrace. She taught Orpheus verses for singing. According to Hesiod, she was also the wisest of the Muses, as well as the most assertive. Calliope married Oeagrus close to Pimpleia, Olympus. She is said to have defeated the daughters of Pierus, king of Thessaly, in a singing match, and then, to punish their presumption, turned them into magpies.

She was sometimes believed to be Homer’s muse for the Iliad and the Odyssey. The Roman epic poet, Virgil, invokes her in the Aeneid.

The Greek La Vie en Rose for honeymooners

Day 1

  • Be welcomed at the airport  by our assistant with flowers for the lady and a greek present for the gentleman
  • Refresh yourself with hot towels whilst being driven to your hotel
  • Check in  to your superior room with private relaxation facilities
  • Red wine chocolates and traditional Greek sweets  will be waiting for you at your room.  Your bed will be decorated with  koufeta (sugar coated almonds-traditional treats at greek weddings)
  • Enjoy a glass of spumante with the hotel manager before moving at a reserved area for a romantic dinner for two.

Day 2

  • A day of relaxation awaits you making use of the hotel facilities
  • Visit a young Greek couple’s home to experience  Greek hospitality and food over dinner
  • Upon returning to your hotel room your bath will be decorated with rose petals and candles for romantic relaxation time.



Day 3

  • Explore the most romantic spots of the area with a  horse and carriage waiting just for you!
  • When you get peckish open your luxury lunch-box, sample the nibles and then toast to your good health with some greek wine on your crystal glasses.
  • Upon returning to the hotel a luxury massage for two awaits you  with perfumes and herbs by our expert hotel spa specialist
  • Enjoy another romantic dinner in a reserved area of the hotel.



Day 4 

  •  This is the perfect day to enjoy the sun and the sea at your leisure
  • A special treat awaits you in the evening, dinner with a Greek elderly couple. Sample real greek food and feel part of a Greek family
  •  At end of the dinner you will receive the traditional honeymoon treat of honey and nuts and gifts from the elderly couple  for good luck.



Day 5

  • Start the day with  special couple’s relaxation yoga
  • Take a leisurely stroll around the local town for some last minute shopping
  • Enjoy a farewell dinner by the sea at sunset or by candelight.


Day 6 

  • Depart for the airport with our luxury car and depart for the blessed rest of your life together.